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Why My Creative Accountant?

Bookkeeping/accounting, payroll, and taxes can get in the way of creative time. For most creatives, this side of the business is an additional burdensome task. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil but can preoccupy precious hours of creative time.


Most creatives are self-employed, and dealing with taxes and financial statements can be complicated and time-consuming.  Staying current with local, state, and/or federal tax laws and how they might apply to you is time-consuming.  Also understanding all possible deductions you can claim, the different rules for filing taxes based on income sources, and other miscellaneous elements involved in managing finances. 


When it comes to bookkeeping, it’s essential for every creative business owner to track their expenses accurately. Hence, they understand how money is being utilized, and help prepare financials for grant applications, or for filing year-end tax returns. We help to set up accounts for tracking income sources, itemizing expenses, and keeping records of transactions. Even using specialized software solutions tailored specifically to streamline this process, it still takes a significant amount of effort and dedication on behalf of the entrepreneur.


Gain back your creative time; contact My Creative Accountant today to see how we can manage your booking keeping/accounting, payroll, and/or state/federal filing needs.

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