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Johanna O. Wright-Vines

I am a multi-faceted individual, who approaches life with a creative mindset first.  I hold undergraduate degrees in music, mathematics, and accounting.  And also, master’s degrees in music performance and accounting.


For most creatives, accounting can seem like a foreign language, a complex system of numbers and seemingly endless forms.  Thus, while not performing, I often find myself helping other creatives with their accounting needs. Ensuring they can run their creative business with longevity and helping them understand their company’s financial health.


I am here to assist in reducing the anxiety you feel when accounting is mentioned. From tracking expenses to filing taxes, understanding, and following accounting practices is essential to running a successful creative business. Knowing the basics of bookkeeping and tax requirements can help you develop better financial management skills and allowing you make more informed financial decisions.


I have an affinity for numbers, love puzzles, thinking outside the box, and helping other creatives achieve confidence that they can continue to do the things they love for years to come. 

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